China's massage chair industry market analysis

Time: 2018-12-18
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With the continuous development of the economy and the accelerating pace of people's lives, people are paying more and more attention to physical and mental health. The proportion of “sub-health” people in China has reached 70%, more than 900 million people, and the use of massage massage for health care is a traditional Chinese medicine project. It is suitable for both young and old, and has a wide range of applications. With the appearance of various massage appliances with health care functions such as massage chairs, jacuzzi, massage basins, etc., it is also very effective in relieving stress and relieving fatigue, and is suffering from consumption in a “sub-healthy” lifestyle. Welcome. Huge demand and development space will surely make all kinds of household massage equipments develop strongly and become a new growth point for the health industry.

       Electric massage chairs have similar features to air conditioners and automobiles. It is a luxury in the ordinary people before it reaches the popularity, but unlike the real luxury, they are extremely practical. For the owners of their owners, it is both a luxury and a symbol of identity, as well as a high quality of living.

According to market rules, this state will not last long. With the advancement of the times and the improvement of the overall living standards, when the prices of such commodities are gradually accepted by ordinary people, the whole industry will have a blowout and the market will become popular. Air conditioning is the case, as is the car, and electric massage chairs will do the same in the future.

From the perspective of developed countries in Europe and America, the penetration rate of electric massage chairs reaches 40%; and the penetration rate of Japanese electric massage chairs

Even more amazing, up to 46%, that is to say, an average of about 2 families have an electric massage chair; and in other Asian countries and regions, such as South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan, the household penetration rate of electric massage chairs has reached more than 10%. However, the domestic market is far from being achieved. With the development of the economy and the advancement of technology, the market penetration of electric massage chairs is an inevitable trend.

The state is vigorously supporting the health industry. In many speeches, Minister of Health Chen Yu stressed: "The contribution of the health industry to the national economy implies unlimited prospects. The Chinese government should actively guide the sustainable development of the health industry to make it account for about 8% of the gross national product and become a national economy. a big pillar."

Under the strong support of national policies, the health industry has already shown a booming weather. As the “golden throne” of the health industry, the electric massage chair has an annual output value of tens of billions and an annual growth rate of about 20%. It is an emerging industry with profitability second only to health care products, and will be supported by national policies. The tendency to popularize is more obvious.

Some industries have already killed the Red Sea, and the massage chair industry is still in the introduction stage in China, and it has great market opportunities. How does the massage chair enterprise seize the opportunity and grow bigger and stronger?

In the channel preemption period, grab money, grab food, grab land

The Shanghai Super Limit Warfare Planning Agency believes that in the period of rapid growth of the industry, each development opportunity should be seized to seize the superior resources.

At present, the channels of domestic electric massage chairs are narrow and the market competition is insufficient. Imported brands are mainly agents who sell counters in major shopping malls; domestic brands are controlled by manufacturers or dealers; there are many blank areas in the market, and the number of quality terminals is small.

The market channel of electric massage chairs is the first sales channel for department stores, and the counters for department stores are the first choice for high-end brands in electric massage chairs. The shopping environment of the shopping mall is superior, it is easy to establish a good image of the brand, and the main consumer groups of the shopping mall are relatively stable and have strong purchasing power.