Why choose Zhengqi

  • Power Factory
    Having high -standard production workshop equipment and experienced production personnel.
  • 18 years of Experience
    Zhengqi has been established for 13 years and has rich experience. It is a partner worthy of customer trust.
  • Diverse Style
    The product specifications and styles are diverse, with a large amount of inventory, which is your assured choice.
  • Complete Equipment
    With standard production lines, a variety of production equipment factories and equipment.
  • Adequate Supply
    We have a lot of stocks, because the factory is strong, the personnel are sufficient, and the daily output is very high.
  • Support Customization
    Support the coming diagram Sample processing customization, we can quickly make the sample on time.
  • Technical Team
    We have professional technicians and experienced production teams, only to produce good products.
  • Intimate Service
    Provide you with a comfortable after -sales service, contact our customer service and business at any time.

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Yongkang Zhengqi Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd.

We are a company specializing in various foot therapy massage equipment such as foot therapy and other products, foot therapy massage device and other products, which have UL, CB, CE, EMC, ROHS certification, foot therapy machines, massage machines and other products. system. Yongkang Zhengqi Construction Equipment Co., Ltd.'s integrity, strength and product quality have been recognized by the industry. Friends from all walks of life are welcome to visit, guide, and business negotiations.


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